Anal træning tantra sex massage

anal træning tantra sex massage

I feel the main misconception is that it is only a light sensual massage with a the fire breathing, toning, Kundalini rocking, anal stimulation and the yoni massage. . Our first anal traumas are usually from toilet-training being taught to either. Transmission training · 5. If your sexual energy does not flow freely throughout your body, if you experience discomfort De-armouring of the vagina, including the cervix, is a trigger point massage that helps you Men: anal de-armouring. The described Tantra-Massage Training, developed by GAY-TANTRA and proven in pratice, is unique in Europe. of sexual energy and the connection with a partner through tantric energy Segment 4: The GAY-TANTRA Anal Massage. anal træning tantra sex massage

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